Prepare for a season full of practices and games by using the Combo Wet/Dry Field Line Marker to clearly indicate key areas of playing fields. Outline out-of-bounds lines, goal boxes, increment markings and other important reference points, so the baseball diamond, soccer pitch and football field are all ready for game day. Groundskeepers can seamlessly maneuver around the field thanks to the marker’s heavy-duty tires, and the steel agitator controls the flow rate for clean lines. All users can find a secure handhold as they steer down the sidelines by adjusting the handle to a comfortable length.

Built-in storage area holds additional paint cans for quick access when the hopper empties
Flow rate can be controlled with the agitator to prevent unwanted marks along the field
Heavy-duty pneumatic tires roll the marker for simple transport
Marker is designed to paint lines across the playing field in preparation for regulation play
Steel frame and hopper accommodate 65 lb. of painting material
Color: Blue, Silver, Navy
Color Family: Blue
Foldable Design: No
Material: Steel
Number Of Wheels: 4
Product Weight: 62.26 lb.
Quantity : 1

Heavy duty steel frame with steel 65 lb. hopper
Steel agitator with flow rate control
Adjustable length handle
Includes paint marking feature with storage for extra paint cans
Heavy duty pneumatic tires