When you’re gearing up for the beginning of any sports season, the first step is getting the playing field ready. Clearly lay down the lines on a football, baseball, soccer or lacrosse field with the Rust-Oleum® Field Striper. Rolling smooth on four large wheels, the striper leaves behind vivid lines as it’s pushed over grass, dirt, concrete, pavement or even gravel. Even if the wind picks up, groundskeepers can continue to lay out goals, sidelines and field markings thanks to the windscreen built right into the machine’s housing.

Steel construction allows the striper to tackle tough jobs for multiple sports
Sends aerosol spray straight downward onto a variety of surfaces for clean lines (paint not included)
Integrated storage area holds up to 12 extra cans for quick refills out on the field
Line width can be adjusted from 2 in. up to 4 in. for creating wider sidelines
Lever offers simple fingertip control
Brand: Rust-Oleum®
Foldable Design: Yes
Material: Steel
Maximum Spray Line Width : 4 in.
Minimum Spray Line Width : 2 in.
Number Of Wheels: 4
On/Off Switch: Yes
Product Weight: 28.49 lb.
Quantity : 1
Spray Included: No
Wind Screen: Yes

For use on grass, dirt, concrete, pavement or gravel
Sturdy steel construction with 4 large, easy rolling wheels and a collapsible handle for easy storage
Lightweight housing includes windscreen, fingertip on/off lever, storage for 12 extra cans and simple 2″ – 4″ line width adjustment
Non-toxic aerosol spray goes straight downward for complete coverage (paint sold separately)
Maintenance free, no messy clean up